3 great ways for issuing an Online Invoice to your customers

Many business owners understand the importance of using an online invoicing system to send bills to their customers instead of using just a paper invoice. Issuing e-invoices to customers improve communication between companies and their customers. The problem is that many of them don’t know the right and proper way of sending the invoice to customers.

Below are steps on how to issue online invoice to customers

  1. Make it look profession: It is important to include key information, instead of just writing the amount on it.
  • Don’t ever assume that the customer that it is an invoice if it is not written on it.
  • Number the invoice. It will help in tracking the invoice, and it will also let the customer know exactly how the items are listed on it.
  • For large organizations, Tax Identification Number (TIN) can be included on the invoice.


  1. Describe the service clearly: There is a need to make the charges for each service clear enough for customers to understand.
  • What the customer ordered should be itemized clearly with the cost. In the case of additional cost, it should be stated clearly too. The total amount can be written at the bottom of the invoice.
  • The quantity of goods purchased should be written.
  • A little description of the product or service can be written for the better understanding of the customer.


  1. Use Good Online invoicing software: Issuing online invoice to clients can be done easily when good online invoicing software is used. It eases the issuing of invoices to customers because of the following:
  • Upon successful completion of the transaction, the invoice is generated
  • The invoice is automatically delivered to the customer’s mailbox for easy access.
  • Follow up messages are sent to the customers to serve as a reminder.

Once business’ owners will follow the steps listed above, it will be very easy for them to issue online invoices to their customers!