The best and more efficient CRM Platforms today!

Making use of a CRM Software as a business owner is an essential way for you to grow your business. However, choosing a CRM software can often be time consuming and confusing.

Based on good customer relations which are components of a good business, here is a list of the best CRM software platforms that give their clients the best experience:

  1. com

Peneza.com is an efficient Cloud CRM & Sales Management tool for small teams and entrepreneurs with big ambitions. It helps you to visualize sales process and ensure that important activities and tasks don’t get dropped. It is great at organizing agreements.

  1. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft helps to build better connections using customers and leads. It also helps to improve conversion rates through e-commerce integration. Also, infusionsoft provides the user with robust reporting and analytics tools.

  1. Salesforce

This CRM software is designed to fit the needs of virtually any organization, regardless of their size, market or personal needs. The main advantage of Salesforce CRM is that because it is cloud-based, there are no hardware or software management concerns.

  1. Zoho

This CRM solution provides small to large-sized organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management. The software provides solution for management of organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support services and Inventory management in a single business system.

  1. Punchh

Punchh gives new tools and resources to manage better customer data and requests as they come. It also enables the members of an organization to have up to date information in real time and have them readily available to everyone else.

  1. Infor Epiphany

This CRM specializes in business applications. It can help with customer relations management and to be more effective and efficient in your business. It can also help with branding, sales, and finances thus enabling your business to see the big picture.