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Note Holding LTD provides the opportunity to extend their activities in neighboring Bulgaria, providing them the opportunity to have advisory and accounting tracking and organization.

Bulgaria offers a number of advantages for setting up a company such as the reduction of tax rates, global profile and potential extroversion, low accounting costs, easy management of the company, reduced business risk, low capital and more.

The process of founding – setting up an LTD in Bulgaria is ideal for all of all business activities such as investment companies, shipping companies, companies providing services, online stores, participatory companies – holding companies, imports – exports inside and outside the E.U. and more

Tax rates

Highlights for fiscal and legal framework in Cyprus are:

  1. Bulgaria has joined the EU since 2007, so the company is considered European and NO offshore
  2. Invoices issued by Bulgarian Companies are normally recognized in all EU countries including Greece and are not subject to VAT because community trades with countries – state members of EU.
  3. The taxation of corporate profits is 10%. This is the lowest rate across the EU
  4. The taxation of dividends (distributed profits) is 5%
  5. There are large annual depreciation rates
  6. There are 50 double tax avoidance agreements signed between Bulgaria and other countries, including Greece
  7. There is no additional tax
  8. The share capital of a company under formation LTD in Bulgaria can be 50 euros.
  9. Stable banking system.
  10. Low labor costs (minimum wage of 340 leva, about 175 euros).
  11. Simple tax system.
  12. Low cost electricity (for industrial users is 70 % of the European average).

Our services are provided by trusted partners of our company, always within the framework of legality, with responsibility and respect for commercial law, the Greek and foreign tax laws.